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ASpect and COmponent LAnguage

Team leader

Phone +33(0)2 51 85 82 47

Second leader

Jean-Marc MENAUD
Phone +33(0)2 51 85 82 35

We will mainly pursue the following objectives:

  • New concepts, language support and tools for distributed applications, in particular, in order to cope with their crosscutting concerns, such as distribution itself, transactional behavior, security.
  • A model that seamlessly integrates components and aspects, in particularly by means of a notion of interfaces that allows to decouple concrete components and aspects while supporting the analysis and enforcement of composition properties in such a hybrid setting.
  • Investigate the relationships between domain-specific languages (DSLs), aspect languages and composition languages. We intend to harness similarities between these language classes for the development of more general language design/implementation techniques in order to provide new support for the transformational development of correct and efficient implementations from high-level programming abstractions.
  • Study of the foudations of AOP and their compositional properties by means of formal semantics for aspects (and components) as well as new corresponding analysis, verification and validation techniques.

We will apply and thus validate our results in the context of (real-world) applications in the domains of enterprise information systems, service-oriented architectures (middleware, business components), cluster and grid programming, as well as pervasive systems

Last update : Saturday 8 March 2014