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Secure architectures and software

Team leader

Christian ATTIOGBE
Phone +33(0)2 51 12 58 18

Second leader

Phone +33(0)2 51 12 58 50

Administrative assistant

Phone +33(0)2 51 12 58 70

AeLoS team

Part of the team, left to right: Arnaud LANOIX, Mohamed MESSABIHI, Jean-Marie MOTTU, Christian ATTIOGBE, Gilles ARDOUREL, Pascal ANDRE and Isabelle CONDETTE.

PDF - 302.6 kb
Rapport d’activités Coloss 2007-2010


For the four-year period 2012-2015, the previous teams COLOSS and MODAL merged to form this new team AeLoS (created in June 2010).
The new scientific programme focuses on three specific areas where the abilities of the members are clearly demonstrated. The accent is put on the complementarity of the research work (bottom up and top down approaches), on the joint use of resources aiming to take up the challenge of safe architecture and safe software at different levels: objects, services, components and architectures. The architecture and software are seen in terms of components of the preceding entities. The formal approach is multi-disciplinary and enables us to meet the challenge of security for services, components and architectures.

PDF - 97.5 kb
Projet AeLoS 2012-2015

Research topics

Via the architecture research area we consider a top down approach to software; the area of correct software components covers the bottom up approach.
The topic of multiformalism and multifaceted analysis deals with the issue of semantic interoperability and the global analysis of software.
We investigate the semantic models of concurrency and the related analysis tools, in particular timed-models and probabilistic models in an open and time-related context in collaboration with the STR team at the IRCCyN Lab;

Key Words

Formal models; Formal analysis; B Method ; Verification; Refinement; Correction-by-construction; Architecture; Component and Services; SOA

Some ongoing institutional Projects

  • AFSEC-PdL (Communicating Embedded Systems), with STR/Irccyn
  • Descent Project, collaboration within the CominLabs Labex project, (with GDD team)
  • EPOC Project, collaboration within the CominLabs Labex, (with Ascola Team)

Application fields

The fields of application are those of communicating systems, distributed reactive systems, reliable or critical large-scale information systems, correct software for Internet of the future, ambient intelligence systems, correct component/service-based systems;
AeLoS’s scientific programme corresponds in its entirety to the current international challenges (Verified Software, Hoare, Misra; Software Architectures, Garlan; ...).

Academic Collaborations

  • Acadie Team at IRIT, Toulouse.
  • Convecs Team at Inria Rhones Alpes, Grenoble.
  • Mosel Team at Loria, Nancy.
  • Vesontio Team at Femto-ST, Besançon.
  • Scale, Nice

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