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Les publications (via hal)

Liste de publications (extraite de hal) des membres de l’équipe

  • (Guillaume Fertin), Guillaume Fertin [hal-01911090] Matching algorithms for assigning orthologs after genome duplication events [Consulter...]
  • (Vincent Picard), Vincent Picard [hal-01390047] Model of the delayed translation of cyclin B maternal mRNA after sea urchin fertilization [Consulter...]
  • (Lionel Guidi), Lionel Guidi [hal-01275276] Plankton networks driving carbon export in the oligotrophic ocean [Consulter...]
  • (Guillaume Fertin), Guillaume Fertin [hal-00416567] Acyclic Coloring of Graphs of Maximum Degree Five: Nine Colors are Enough [Consulter...]
  • (Tiziana Calamoneri), Tiziana Calamoneri [hal-00461775] New Bounds for the L(h,k) Number of Regular Grids [Consulter...]