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Prizes and awards 2018



  • Constraints/TASC team, Marie Pelleau, Frédéric Benhamou and Charlotte TRUCHET: Prize for the best student article for their article "Octagonal Domains for Continuous Constraints" at the conference CP 2011.
  • ASCOLA team, Julien Cohen, Akram Ajouli and Rémi Douence: prize for the best posterGPL 2011 for their poster and demo "Program Transformation-based Views for Modular Maintenance".
  • COD team, Damien Porumbel, ex PhD student in the team: Simon Régnier 2011 prize for his work on his thesis and its extensions performed in collaboration with D. Kao Hao (LERIA) and P. Kuntz (LINA)


  • ASCOLA team, Nicolas Tabareau: Two awards for Nicolas Tabareau (research fellow INRIA) for work carried out on his thesis:
  • ASCOLA team, Fabien Hermenier and Jean-Marc Menaud: Winners of the "2009 prize for green digital growth" class "Higher education and research" for the Entropy project developed within the ASCOLA team at LINA which is designed to improve the energy footprint of data centres, both as regards direct electrical consumption (servers) or indirect consumption (air conditioning).


  • TALN team, Nicolas Hernandez: "IBM Unstructured Information Analytics Innovation" award for his proposal: "Building a French-speaking community around UIMA, gathering research, education and industrial partners, mainly in the Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition fields".

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