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  • (Benjamin Moreau), Benjamin Moreau [hal-01934596] CaLi: A Lattice-Based Model for License Classifications [Consulter...]
  • (Aida Jarraya), Aida Jarraya [hal-00864152] Implicit parameter estimation for conditional gaussian bayesian networks [Consulter...]
  • (Angélique Villière), Angélique Villière [hal-01943996] Olfactometric process: new insights in automated acquisition and data treatment [Consulter...]
  • (Nicolas Tabareau), Nicolas Tabareau [inria-00470400] Aspect Oriented Programming: a language for 2-categories [Consulter...]
  • (Vidal Martins), Vidal Martins [hal-00483597] Dynamic and Distributed Reconciliation in P2P-DHT Networks [Consulter...]

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