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  • (Ahmed El Rheddane), Ahmed El Rheddane [hal-00835817] Dynamic Scalability of a Consolidation Service [Consulter...]
  • (Zoe Zarwin), Zoe Zarwin [hal-00953536] Natural Modeling: Retrospective and Perspectives an Anthropological Point of View [Consulter...]
  • (Li Bo), Li Bo [hal-00608471] Degré de comparabilité, extraction lexicale bilingue et recherche d'information interlingue [Consulter...]
  • (Juraj Polakovic), Juraj Polakovic [hal-00486712] Experience with implementing safe reconfigurations in Component-based embedded systems [Consulter...]
  • (Mourad Oussalah), Mourad Oussalah [hal-00486342] Projet METEDI, [Consulter...]

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