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Date Name Team subject
12-055 December 2012Jérémie Bourdon COMBI

Probabilistic sources: from sequences to systems

09-1212 September 2012Jordi Cabot AtlanMod

MDE 2.0:Pragmatic formal model verification and other challenges

06-077 June 2012Gérard Ramstein COD

Application of data mining techniques in bioinformatics

06-1616 June 2011Jean-Marc Menaud ASCOLA

Dynamic and transparent adaptation of complex legacy systems

07-088 July 2008Esther Pacitti ATLAS GDD

Data Replication in three Contexts: Data Warehouse, Cluster and P2P Systems

11-3030 November 2007Marc Gelgon ATLAS-GRIM

Statistical organization of multimedia data for information retrieval

11-3030 November 2007Emmanuel Morin TALN

Synergy of approaches and resources deployed for the treatment of written texts

09-1313 September 2007Christian Attiogbé COLOSS

Contribution to formal approaches of software engineering: formal method integration and multi-faceted analysis

07-1111 July 2007Mario Südholt ASCOLA

Towards expressive, well-founded and correct Aspect-Oriented Programming

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