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Les publications (via hal)

Liste de publications (extraite de hal) des membres de l’équipe

  • Christian Attiogbe [hal-01686376] Mapping Component Models on Distributed Architectures: Correctness Checking [Consulter...]
  • Adel Hassan, Audrey Queudet, Mourad Oussalah [hal-01685155] Evolution style: framework for modeling dynamic evolution of real-time software architecture [Consulter...]
  • Adel Hassan, Mourad Oussalah [hal-01685168] Meta-Evolution Style for Software Architecture Evolution [Consulter...]
  • Saida Boukhedouma, Mourad Oussalah, Zaia Alimazighi [hal-01685159] Evolution of Inter-OrganizationalWorkflows: The Case-Transfer Pattern [Consulter...]
  • Gasmallah Noureddine, Mourad Oussalah, Abdelkrim Amirat [hal-01685175] Towards a classification for software architecture evolution studies [Consulter...]