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Les publications (via hal)

Liste de publications (extraite de hal) des membres de l’équipe

  • (Dennis Wagelaar), Dennis Wagelaar [hal-00642066] Towards a General Composition Semantics for Rule-Based Model Transformation [Consulter...]
  • (Zekai Demirezen), Zekai Demirezen [inria-00541030] Enabling tool reuse and interoperability through model-driven engineering [Consulter...]
  • (Jordi Cabot), Jordi Cabot [hal-00540771] Specifying Aggregation Functions in Multidimensional Models with OCL [Consulter...]
  • (Manoli Albert), Manoli Albert [hal-00540822] Automatic generation of basic behavior schemas from UML class diagrams [Consulter...]
  • (Fabian Büttner), Fabian Büttner [hal-00814991] Lightweight String Reasoning in Model Finding [Consulter...]