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Les publications (via hal)

Liste de publications (extraite de hal) des membres de l’équipe

  • Thierry Petit, Lolita Petit [hal-01628328] Optimizing Molecular Cloning of Multiple Plasmids [Consulter...]
  • Gilles Madi Wamba, Yunbo Li, Anne-Cécile Orgerie, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Jean-Marc Menaud [hal-01582936] Green energy aware scheduling problem in virtualized datacenters [Consulter...]
  • Alejandro Reyes-Amaro, Eric Monfroy, Florian Richoux [hal-01345775] Suplementary document for Studying parallel communication strategies with POSL [Consulter...]
  • Nina Narodytska, Thierry Petit, Mohamed Siala, Toby Walsh [hal-01238445] Three generalizations of the FOCUS constraint [Consulter...]
  • Ekaterina Arafailova, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Rémi Douence, Mats Carlsson, Pierre Flener [hal-01374721] Global Constraint Catalog, Volume II, Time-Series Constraints [Consulter...]