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Les publications (via hal)

Liste de publications (extraite de hal) des membres de l’équipe

  • Nicolas Beldiceanu, Bárbara Dumas Feris, Philippe Gravey, Md Sabbir Hasan, Claude Jard [hal-01131602] The EPOC project: Energy Proportional and Opportunistic Computing system [Consulter...]
  • Alban Derrien, Jean-Guillaume Fages, Thierry Petit, Charles Prud'Homme [hal-01241079] A Global Constraint for a Tractable Class of Temporal Optimization Problems [Consulter...]
  • Abbas El Dor, Patrick Siarry [hal-01237446] Effect of the dynamic topology on the performance of PSO-2S algorithm for continuous optimization [Consulter...]
  • A Goldsztejn, S Caro, Gilles Chabert [hal-01238717] A New Methodology for Tolerance Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators [Consulter...]
  • Ignacio Salas, Gilles Chabert [hal-01148155] Packing Curved Objects [Consulter...]