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Its main objectives are:

The association brings together young researchers in computer science from Nantes: master students, PhD students, research and teaching assistants and postdoc.

Its main goals are:

  • promoting interactions between students and providing them with information through the mailing list and the website. Those communication channels are much appreciated whatsoever the subject (programming, administrative information, announcements or less serious subjects);
  • taking part in the life of structures (lab, doctoral school, university, etc.) by proposing each year courses intended to PhD students of the doctoral school and to master students, by organising meetings with master students to talk about the world of research and by having active representatives in several councils;
  • organising activities about science (scientific presentations, conferences, ...), culture (concerts, discussions, art, ...), sports or other entertainments.

LOGIN - association of young computer science researchers in Nantes

Last update : Tuesday 22 May 2018