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Towards a decentralized and private Web 2.0 : gossip-based social networks


Social networks and collaborative tagging systems have taken off at an unexpected scale and speed (Facebook, YouTube, Flickr,, Delicious, etc). Web content is now generated by you, me, our friends and millions of others. This represents a revolution in usage and a great opportunity to leverage collaborative knowledge to enhance the user’s Internet experience. The Gossple project aims at precisely achieving this : automatically capturing affinities between users that are potentially unknown yet share similar interests, or exhibiting similar behaviors on the Web. This can fully personalizes the Web 2.0 experience process, increasing the ability of a user to find relevant content, get relevant recommandation, etc. This personalization calls for decentralization. (1) for the sake of scalability
and (2) to fight the big brother is watching you syndrome. We believe that the salvation can
only come from a fully decentralized user centric approach where every participant is
entrusted to harvest the Web with information relevant to her own activity.

In this talk, I will present the scientific challenges associated to Gossple. I will present
an approach to discover implicit acquaintances and some applications leveraging this Gossple network.

* This work is supported by the ERC Starting Grant GOSSPLE number 204742.

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